Mini Blues Workshops

From time to time, we give mini workshops for specific topics. Those 2 hour classes usually take place before our summer or winter break. Stay tuned here or on our facebook page for upcoming mini workshops :)

Previous Mini Workshops

Body Awareness in Partner Dancing

July 2019

High (body)-awareness sets the foundation for real connection and successful communication in partner dancing.This workshop is about becoming aware of your own body and your dance partner's body. We will work on breaking out of automatized movement patterns, being present, body-listening, and sensitivity in dance-communication. We will start solo and move on to practicing body awareness with partners to then bring it into our dancing.


Styling and Variations

December 2018

Have you ever wondered what to do with your free arms and hands while dancing? How to alter a plain turn into something amazing by changing rhythm, level or hip movement? We have the answers :) Come and let's see how you can look even cooler and more gracefully than you do anyway.

Break The Bad Habits

June 2018

In this mini workshop, we’re going to address the so called “bad habits”. We will check what you need to tune up and teach you how to improve your blues dancing. We will focus for example on grounding, how to connect better in different connections, keeping the flow in partnered dancing, turning technique and - oh, our list is so long and exciting!

Whatever you bring to our mini workshop, whatever level you dance - breaking your own bad habits is one of the most challenging tasks in dancing. We believe that addressing our own long learned mistakes is a good way to improve our overall dancing.