Intermediate & higher

Wanna bring your blues dancing to the next level? Let's do it! In the Intermediate & higher course, we'll focus on bringing your basics (connection, flow, frame and so on) to a level where we can do magic ;) Also, we'll check on movement quality like turning techniques, catches and isolations as well as some dips, tricks and fancy stuff.


Starting Sept 17: Rhythm variations & footwork

Starting Oct 8: Playing with Ballroomin'

Starting Oct 29: Dips & Tricks

Starting Nov 19: Musicality

Starting Jan 7: Moves & Transitions

Starting Jan 28: Lead & Follow Technique

Starting Feb 18: Rhythms in Blues

Starting March 10: Getting Fancy


You can join if you have covered all the basics (contents of Beginner and Beginner Plus) OR have danced blues in courses and on the social dance floor for at least one year. Please be aware that this is a course for dancers who have experience on the social dance floor.

Further Information

We'll dance in follow and lead roles but might encourage to try the opposite role. We’ll also rotate partners. Switch dancers might be asked to dance a certain role to balance the class. No partner needed. No drop in.

Hard Facts

3 weeks for €30 // Next start: 18.05 // 20:00 - 21:00

Location: Kiezkapelle, Neuer St. Jacobi-Friedhof,
Hermannstrasse 99-102, 12051 Berlin