Beginners Plus

In the Beginner Plus course, we will give you more technique and a better understanding of leading and following. We'll show you more complex moves, how to enjoy close embrace connection and how to spice up your dance with variations.


You know the blues basics, some turns for leaders and followers, different blues dance connections and have a rough idea of jook joint and ballroom blues. You survived a night of blues dancing and liked it.

Further Information

In that level, we'd like you to switch roles. Knowing both how to lead and how to follow basic blues moves will make you a better and more creative dancer. We’ll also rotate partners in this class. No partner needed. No drop in.

Hard Facts

3 weeks for €25 // Next start: 18.05 // 18:45 - 19:45
Location: Kiezkapelle, Neuer St. Jacobi-Friedhof,
Hermannstrasse 99-102, 12051 Berlin