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has been dancing since 2012, starting with swing and one year later discovering blues which he fell immediately and madly in love with it. He travels almost every month to blues events all over Europe, looking for the slidiest of dance floors. Loving the creativity and freedom of blues, he likes to focus on lead and follow technique in his classes to give his students simple tools to express themselves with.

Marco is involved in his local scene where he co-organizes the Bear Blues and Ice Bear Exchanges, and runs the Blues room at Freudenzimmer, a weekly swing and blues party, where he occasionally djs and – of course – indulges his passion for dancing.


started dancing at the age of four. Her love for dancing grew over the years and was lifted to a new level in 2013, when she discovered Lindy Hop and Blues shortly after, as well as Forró and Zouk more recently. Since then, she attended many national and international workshops and gained experience in teaching Blues and Lindy Hop. She has grown especially fond of blues dancing, with its particular music, movements, and atmosphere. For her, dancing is an active implementation of mindfulness. In classes she likes to focus on connection as well as body- and partner awareness throughout dancing.


came to Berlin in 2017 from Copenhagen, Denmark, to attend a one year contemporary dance intensive course in Kreuzberg. Mads has had various dance experiences through the years but it wasn’t until a summer evening of 2013 that he discovered Balboa and the novel thought of leading by weightshifts. While diving into the secrets of Balboa, searching the internet for any material on technique, he came upon videos showing off Blues and was immediately captured by the beauty of the dance and the music. Since then he has travelled to countless of workshops, classes and camps, and had memorable dances with new friends all across the world. While Blues is what he calls home Mads loves discovering new dances and has insight into Authentic Jazz, Kizomba, Tango, Shag and Lindy Hop. Mads’ passion for teaching Blues started in 2014. His focus is achieving minimal effort through proper use of body mechanics and lead/follow technique.


started dancing in 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany. Quickly fell in love with lindy hop and jumped from swing festival to swing festival, always looking for fun and improvement in dancing. Had her blues revelation in 2015 in a private practice session in Gothenburg, Sweden, and couldn’t let it go anymore. Found her blues home in Berlin. Travels in the fusion scene from time to time. Believes in basics as a steadfast foundation for the magic of blues and fusion dancing. Likes to focus on connection to music, ground and body, and finally to a partner. Organizes the Bear Blues Exchange Berlin, the Ice Bear Exchange Berlin, monthly blues socials and a bunch of other dance projects.


At the moment Josi is taking time out for her family and is not teaching.

Photo credits

Josi: Daniel Paikov at Bear Blues Exchange 2017 // Marco: Kristin Ladström at Hygge Blues 2018

Maxie: Enric Duch at Ice Bear Exchange 2018 // Mads: tba