Dear dancers!


In the light of the rapid increase of COVID-19 infections, we will cancel all classes and socials until further notice. 


As you surely are aware of, COVID-19 (Corona virus) is spreading in Berlin. Close contact activities like dancing are high risk situations to increase the number of infections. While most people are not at risk to suffer long term consequences from an infection, we need to act responsibly and take care for one another. Carriers to the virus are likely to infect others who might have a weaker immune system than we have.


Therefore, we decided to stop all classes and socials until further notice. We feel that proactivity is a responsible way to do our part on reducing the pressure on the health system. An early and consequent response to the current health situation will hopefully slow down the spread.


Most of you have paid for classes yet to come. No worries, your classes will not be lost. They are only postponed. We know this is not a popular decision and we hope to continue our classes and socials soon.


All the best

from Josi and Marco

The idea of Sweet Blues Berlin

Wow you found us! That's so exciting :) But what have you found, exactly?


Sweet Blues Berlin is our favorite little dance project. It’s aim is to boost the Berlin blues dance scene. We teach dancing the blues to all of you who want to learn it as a beginner or who want to refresh and improve their blues dancing. We lure the blues dancers out of their cozy homes into the soft light of our social dances. We connect and support our blues dancing scene. Ah yes, and we’re also a bit into fusion dancing ;)


So welcome to our little blues home!

Photo credits

Photos 1 and 2: Enric Duch at Ice Bear Exchange 2018

Photo 3: Daniel Paikov at Ice Bear Exchange 2018